Big Game Event PK Monthly, September 2022

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May 18th , 2021
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A Critical Call of Duty!

PK Monthly

Event Description :
Everyone in the battlefield is considered as a hindrance to victory.
Because in the end, there should be one and only winner to be declared.
It means, you will have to face everyone not excluding your party mates.

Mechanics of the event :
A massive PK event will be hosted.
Form and gather your party before the event starts.
Request to be warped via /post.
No need to relog.
Fight until the last man standing.
Always be ready.
Strictly do not start before the command, "GO".

Location, Date and Time of the Event :

Server 3, Sunday 25th of September 2022 - Regular CS time!
4:00pm UTC+3
-Click Here-

No hacks
No Bugs
No Exploits
No Shield Skill
No Summon
No Teleport
No Running Around
No Trace Marry
No Corners
No Guild Wars

System for Evaluation :
The whole duration of the event will be duly recorded.
Screenshots will be taken with a clear and visible name of the winner.
Prizes will be added by the host right after the event.
Moderator prizes will be added by Head Event Master on her own scoreboard.
Full list of winners will be updated in this thread after the event is finished.

Prize(s) :
20,000 Gold Credits + 5 IMES
And PK Monthly Winner tag in Forum for 1 month

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Infinity MU Staff Team


Head Event Master
September 26th , 2019
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Eons ago, on the ancient realm of our Kingdom, there used to be a tradition that is continued until today. Knights and Wizards, Gladiators and Lords and Elves and countless other brave warriors gathered from around the Kingdom to the abandoned Dungeon Arena, to fight for fame and glory! They were equipped with their strongest armors and their sharpest swords, unbreakable scepters and staffs, heavy and sharp blades and spiked arrows that can pierce the strongest metal. But they were not fighting alone… At least at the beginning… For they formed teams, which supports them by giving them their unique buffs, so that every member of the team will be as strong as possible… And then, the signal was given! And the chaotic battle that followed cannot be described by words. And after an intense and stressful battle, the winner was announced! For he slayed all his rivals, and he stood there alone at the end of the event, proud and strong on top of the dead bodies of his enemies.

PK Monthly Winner: -Predator.

Screenshots of the Event:

The members of the Council watching over the event:
Wintwi, Gells, Varamyr, Karna,Miyeon.

Special Guests:
Dimer, Sava, Brave.

Congratulations to the Winners, and thank you all for your participation!
Don’t forget to Vote every 12 hours!
Check out our Wiki page to find all kind of information that you seek! Link below

Brought to you by the Event Master Team!
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