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May 24th , 2011
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A Critical Call of Duty!

The Chosen One

Event Description :
In this event, having bravery, power and teamwork is a must in order to survive.
Show your party leader that you really deserved the chance he gave you.
Make sure you give your best and protect your PT Leader at all costs.

Mechanics of the event :
5 PK Events will be hosted(BK/DL/SM/Elf/MG).
Registration period will be 3 min per PK Event.
Winner of each PK Event will be warped to GM Zone and is not allowed to join the next PK Events.
After all 5 PK Events all winners will be allowed to pick 4 players to join them on their party.
The 5 party(consisting of 1 PK Winner and 4 other players per team) will now be on a massive PK in which last person/team standing.
The last person/team standing will have all their party members be warped back to the Arena.

Location, Date and Time of the Event :
Server 3, Sunday 19th of March 2023 - Regular CS time!
4:00pm UTC+3
-Click Here-

All buffs allowed
All classes allowed
Summon is allowed
Any attempt to disrupt the event will lead to ban
If you are caught to use any bug/hack or somehow broke the main rules of the server you will be DC from the event

System for Evaluation :
The whole duration of the event will be duly recorded.
After every each class PK event, screenshots will be taken with a clear and visible name of the winner.
Prizes will be added by the host right after the event.
Moderator prizes will be added by Head Event Master on her own scoreboard.

Full list of winners will be updated in this thread after the event is finished.

Prize(s) :
2, 500GC + 1IMES per Winnner on Each PK Event

On Last Stage:

If Party Leader didn't survive:
- Per Team Member:
5,000GC + 2 IMES
-For the PT Leader:
7,500GC + 3 IMES


If Party Leader survive:
- Per Team Member:
7,500 GC + 3IMES
-For the PT Leader

Additional reward :
Special Tag for PT Leader

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Infinity MU Staff Team


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April 21st , 2020
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It is said that honor is achieved through a great and fearless death in the battlefield, where cowardness and weakness has no place, fallen from the hand of a great and mighty warrior. Through the eons that leads us back to the beginning of our civilization and the ancient Kingdom of InfinityMU up until the present days, it has become a custom to gather and fight for Honor, fame and glory. On the Ruins of the abandoned Dungeons lies the ancient arena, where today many strong and fearless warriors arrived to take place on the celebration. Numerous were the wizards and the knights, lords, elvess and gladiators, who came thirsty for blood, fame and glory. The first stage was intense, with only few surviving to the next phase and once the stage one was over it was time for rest. For the winners have gathered in their party the most fearless and mighty comrades, and fought with full power against the other groups, that tried to steal their glory. And after an intense and harsh battle, the winning party was victorious!

Winning Party Leader: Freddy*
Party Leader's name (Survived)
[GL]Winning Party Members:[/GL]

Class PK Winners:
Freddy* (BK)
Lotus (SM)
#Hades (DL)
Luzma (ELF)
#CriXus# (MG)

Video of the Event:

Screenshots of the Event:

The members of the Council watching over the event:
Wintwi, Gells, Kenji, Mor.

Special Guests:
RESiSTANT, Toby, Stevie, Luigir.

Congratulations to the Winners, and thank you all for your participation!
Don’t forget to Vote every 12 hours!
Check out our Wiki page to find all kind of information that you seek! Link below

Brought to you by the Event Master Team!
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