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August 30th , 2012
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Dear Infinitians,

I am here to announce the creation of a new tag user group!

Forum Supporters

The way to get this tag and get into this group is the following:

1. Make successful forum reports
2. Help forumers with their problems
3. Report bad users to the Moderator Team
4. Help with new ideas for making the forum a better place
5. Be a role model for new players
6. Make guides connected to the forum
7. Be active
8. Don't spam or break the rules

This group will be the first step in getting to the Moderator team. The tag will be given only to users who fit the above mentioned requirements or at least strive to complete them.

The Forum Supporters

Will get some privilages than other users and will be in close contact with each Moderator and can get advice and help from him. He can learn all there is to learn about the forum and how to manage it from the team and later can be part of the Moderator team if he succeeds in passing the trial.

Each Forum Supporter will be provided by a list of instructions by the Lead Moderator upon promotion.

Reminder - Forum Supporters are not connected to the Supporter group which help the Game Masters. This group is connected only to the Forum Staff Team.

Thank you
InfinityMU Staff Team
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