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[Discussion]Damage/Defense BUG!


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High Life
Apr 16, 2010


I'd like to give my opinion here related to the bug and also related to the complain about Staff.
I understand the frustration here but as I notice we had complain before about the bug, after long time Venci found a solution to the bug which was remove the guild buff and add the Infinity buff and then the complains just change to this, lets be a bit grateful its not what we want but it was the solution Venci could found to solve the bug, he is working on his time to solve the problems and we (Staffers) are here to help, we banned many players that was abusing this bug and we did our best to make the game better to all of you but same as in life, everything can have issues like all other games and every bug found we are duscussing and working to fix, not everything can be fixed at same time as it is reported but this doesnt means we are not doing our best to fix it, just have a little more empathy and gratitude because all of us here are working hard day by day to make this game better to all of you.
Also if any of you found any bug in the game, please report it in the bug report at report section, so we can discuss and found a solution to fix the bug, if you have any complain to make feel free to make it anytime because this way we can improve and make this game better to all of you because we are here for this but we need the collaboration of all of you to help us, for example if you have a report to make, use report section instead of PM a GM, the reason is very simple, at report section whole team will have to access to the report and not only 1 GM, that way it’s even better for you players because the chance that you will get a faster response will be much greater, this doesn't means we won't repply your PM, for sure we will because it is part of our duty, but whats the point of have like 4 GMS, if everyone will pm only 1 to solve all the problems, we are a team, all of us are here to support and also to learn and if you players use report section it is chance to all of us to show acitivity, to solve the problems and to learn with it, i'd like to finish my post with an example:
SuperStell and Insomniak is online willing to show service, willing to support you but instead of use report section, you pm'ed Nikki and Peaceful and the time you send the report, on them gmt it is already dawn and they are sleeping after having spent the whole day checking the GMs to see if they did all right, so you will have to wait till they wake up, probably that they will work and do them responsabilitys before they come on-line and when they come on-line theres tons of pm's related to reports that could be handled by Inso and Stell and Stell and Inso did nothing because there wasnt any report to be handled, this makes it difficult for everyone, not only for you players and not only for us, if you players follow the procedures and guidelines it help us to make the forum more organized and guarantees you a much faster chance of a response, we always try to put ourselves in your players place but think on us too, we have a life, work and a life full of responsabilitys but we are willing to make the time that you players spend here in-game as much better as we can but we need you players helps, lets work together because it will benefit all of us.