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Forum usergroups and how are they displayed on your profile

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February 1st , 2009



As title suggests, I am here to clear up how exactly are usergroups displayed and what to do if you want some specific group to be displayed instead of the one that is being displayed on your profile right now. Back in the days of vBulletin we had an option to select a display usergroup on anyone, no matter what usergroups user had, but unfortunately we cannot find anything that would allow us to do the same here in Xenforo forum, so I have come up with a different solution to this problem, which I believe, majority will benefit of.

I have made a very specific display order for all forum usergroups, what this means is that no matter how many usergroups you have, the one with highest display priority will always be your display tag. Here is a list of usergroups in descending order, excluding staff, support, GFX and Wiki groups, as they will always have highest priority over all groups that are lower in importance:

Top Contributor
Forum Hero
Ms Infinity
Mr Infinity
Infinity Got Talent
Duel King
The Chosen One
Boss Slayer
Infinity Idol
PK Monthly Winner
Poetry Master
Siege King
Top Monthly Voter
Infinity Artist
Castle Owner
Ultimate IMES Winner
IMES Winner
SOTM Winner
Reset Master
Combo Master
Rogue Assassin
Infinity Hardcore
Infinity Finest
Draconite Hunter
Top Spammers

So, what does this mean for you? You finally have transparent way of knowing why is your display style what it is right now and it gives you a chance to control it to a certain degree. Let's say you have Infinity Hardcore group and Draconite Hunter group, but you want to have Draconite Hunter group as your display group. It can be done, but you will have to say goodbye to your Infinity Hardcore group then, because only by removing the group of higher display priority will you be able to access the display style of any group below it. To give you a small example, here you can see 4 user groups on a user:

Given, that Veterans has the highest priority, it is the one being displayed, but let's say that this user wants Draconite Hunter to be shown as their display tag. The only way to achieve this is by requesting removal of Vetaran and Infinity Finest groups, because both of these groups are higher than Draconite Hunter.

Here, for example:

Mr Infinity is almost the highest priority tag of all, 6th from the top, so if user would want to have Infinity Hardcore as his display tag, Mr Infinity has to be removed. If he purchases Forum Hero tag and he has all the 3 that are seen in screenshot above, it will take over the priority and will be his new display tag, as Forum Hero is 4th from the top.

In conclusion, you can have whatever display group that you want, but in order to get it, you will have to sacrifice tags that are higher in display priority, so you have the ability to weigh out your options and see if you having your desired display tag is worth the sacrifice of losing tag of higher priority.

To request removal of tags, if you desire to do so in order to obtain display tag that you like, please send a PM with this information to Lead Moderator or Senior Moderator.

Side note: User title tags can and will be removed without notice due to excessive violation of rules at any point with no due date of it / them being returned, depending on the gravity of violation.

Order of the groups might change in future depending on how everything escalates in regard to the current order. If you have any questions and / or suggestions, please send them via forum PM to Lead Moderator or Senior Moderator.

Infomation about groups themselves and the requirements for them, as well as how to request them can be found here https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/groups-legend.7182/ or in our Wiki https://wiki.infinitymu.net/index.php?title=Forum_Usergroups
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