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[Guide]How to Submit a Ticket

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December 8th , 2013
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Hi Everyone, As the title says this is a guide about how to Submit a Ticket correctly.
Some of the players don't have the knowledge or experience on how to use this awesome feature in order to receive support when required.
This guide will help you understand how to use Submit a Ticket feature, as well as provide you with few additional ways on how to receive support in forum, as usually using forum will result in quicker support.
NOTE: It is better to use the Forum links for faster answers to your question and faster action on your problem.
Before I start we also have DISCORD support that you can use, click the link if you want to join us on our DISCORD Community: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/infinitymu-discord-channel.125466/

Submit a ticket link: https://www.infinitymu.net/support/submit-a-ticket
Or go to www. infinitymu.net and on the Quick Links click Submit a Ticket. Also available in Forum Quick Links.


You must fill the blank marked with an asterisk (*)
NOTE: It is important to add all necessary fields so that the Support staff can easily determine your problem.

Subject *

*Choose the right subject on your report/request

General Questions: For questions not contemplated in the other subjects.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/forums/questions.5/
∞You can search or check the Answered Section if you have a question that is already answered.
FAQ (frequently asked questions)
InfinityMU Wiki (guides, tutorials & HowTo's)

Missing Item Report: For help on missing items owned by your account.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/forums/missing-item-reports.82
∞Read the rules about posting Missing item report: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/must-read-report-section-rules.123412/#post-1580796
∞ How to report a missing item the proper way so we can help you faster? : Click Here

Account Help and Support: For help or support with your account, if you lost both name and password, or forgot your email.
Forum section designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/guide-yahoo-google-account-recovery.109071/
∞ Lost Account Info? Click Here
∞ Learn how to protect your InfinityMU account: Click Here

Forgot Password: For help on recovering your Password.
Forum section designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/problem.127487/

Forgot Username: For help on recovering your Username.
Forum section designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/problem.127487/

Character Problem: For help, if you experience problems with your character.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/forums/bug-reports.86/
Read the rules about posting bug reports: https://forum.infinitymu.net/index.php?threads/report-sections-rules.123412/post-1580794

Connection Problem: For help on the client, not opening, sudden disconnects, connect button in launcher missing, client crashes or unsupported applications with the client.
∞ Connect button in launcher is missing? Please Click Here for possible solutions.
∞ Client Crashes KnowledgeBase Click Here.
∞ Client Language problems & solutions Click Here for solutions.
∞ Unsupported applications with InfinityMU Client Click Here
∞ Other Problems & Solutions Click Here for solutions.

Game Errors: For help with Game bugs or errors.
Forum section designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/forums/assistance-with-bta-pch-tech-problems.169/

Donation Inquiry: For help with your donations or you do not know how to donate.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/guide-payments-through-skrill-mobile-app-and-website.126548/

Ban Appeal: For appealing for an account or character ban.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/forums/ban-appeals.199/
NOTE: it's better to use the Ban appeal section on our forum for the more quick result of your appeal
Ban appeal rules:https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/ban-appeal-format.9896/

Report GM Abuse: For reporting staff members abusing their power.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/forums/report-staff.200/

Report Player Abuse: For reporting players breaking rules in-game.
Forum sections designated for this purpose: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/must-read-report-section-rules.123412/

Event Reward Request: For requesting rewards won on events.
NOTE: You must PM the Event host after the event or big events.
MUST-READ: Read the post of the event host on how to claim your reward.
It can be via PM in the forum or Submit a ticket

Item Exchanges: For exchanging items (donated items, sets, or items bought from the webshop)
MUST-READ: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/webshop-refund-policy.115779/

Write the important things about your report.
You can add video links for reports, the name of the character, and more.
The more you tell us, the faster we can help you.
Your Email Address *
You should write the email you use to register your InfinityMU account
Your Account Name *
Username/Account name must be included on your report
Your Character Name *
Should put the character name especially those with special needs like bug character.

Upload screenshots
You can upload some screenshots so that the team can easily understand the problem or request you want.

Must finish the report with CAPTCHA, then click Continue
After finishing with all the needs on the report you'll be on the Review Your Entry before you submit your report.
Then click Submit and you are done.

For more support needs:
How to search in forum: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/forum-guide-search-function.125433/
Discord channel: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/infinitymu-discord-channel.125466/
PM the Staff team: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/infinitymu-staff-and-languages-they-speak.7402/
E-mail us at: support@infinitymu.net
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