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  1. MU-Online FAQ
  2. User Titles
  3. Forum FAQ
  4. The Forum Rules!
  5. Warning & Banning Procedures [Forum Related]
  6. Get your VIP membership NOW!
  7. What is Supporters group and how to get in
  8. Working custom commands
  9. Staff Forum Rules
  10. Contacting the Admins via PM Rules!
  11. The Shoutbox Rules!
  12. Important WARNING to everyone
  13. Groups Legend
  14. InfinityMU Staff
  15. Banning Procedures [Game Related]
  16. Group/Staff Functions
  17. The Game Rules!
  18. Market Place Rules.
  19. Useful Links [All in one]
  20. [Infinity Finest] New Ruling
  21. Reporting Rules (outdated)
  22. Terms of Service
  23. InfinityMU GFX Team
  24. InfinityMU Supporters/Forum Supporters
  25. List of the current inactive Staff members.
  26. The Infinity Star Team.
  27. The ShoutBox Ban Procedures!
  28. Report Section Rules & Regulations
  29. [IMPORTANT GAME RULE] Auto Guild Score
  30. [New Rule] Pingzapper Allowed Servers And any other VPN server
  31. [EN] Game Rule Update! Macros OFF!
  32. [PH] Game Rule Update! Macros OFF!
  33. [ESP] Actualización de las reglas del juego. Macros OFF! [ESP]
  34. [Update] Spamming in /post.